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Accounting, 1852

Accounting, 1852

Accounting has always been about measuring value.

An accountant measures your numbers.
An Ops Accountant grows your numbers.

Chances are, your tax burden could be lighter.

Or your payroll costs could be lower. Or your benefits could be optimized.

The fact is, if you have an ordinary accountant, some of your records may be printed on paper, then physically sent back and forth by mail, messenger or mule train. Worse yet, the data on those pieces of paper may need to be re-entered, with all the time wasting, key-stroking, and opportunity for error that offers. There's even a risk of catastrophic data loss. Welcome to 1993.

If you have an Ops Accountant, your records are entered once, kept securely, shared electronically, and available for analysis instantly. Welcome to 2016.

Improve your operations to improve your finances.

The savings from modernizing your operations can be meaningful for an individual taxpayer, but eye-popping for businesses, sometimes running into tens of thousands of dollars.

How much could you save? Contact us or call 312 324-4829 (4TAX) to learn more.

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