Accounting, 1852

Accounting has always been about measuring value.


Accounting, 1993

The “shoebox full of receipts” era is over.


Ops Accounting, 2017

Get your accounting in the cloud. Now.

An Accountant Measures Your Numbers
An Ops Accountant Grows Your Numbers

Chances are, your tax burden could be lighter. Or your payroll costs could be lower. Or your benefits could be optimized.

The fact is, if you have a traditional accountant, some of your records may be printed on paper, then physically sent back and forth by mail, messenger or mule train. Worse yet, the data on those pieces of paper may need to be re-entered, with all the time wasting, key-stroking, and opportunity for error that offers. There’s even a risk of catastrophic data loss. Welcome to 1993.

If you have an Ops Accountant, your records are entered once, kept securely, shared electronically, and available for analysis instantly. Welcome to 2017.

Improve your accounting work flow

The savings from modernizing your operations can be meaningful for an individual taxpayer, but eye-popping for businesses, sometimes running into tens of thousands of dollars.

How much could you save? Contact us to learn more.


We handle tax returns for Individuals, LLCs, Partnerships, C-Corporations and S-Corporations

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Group Benefits

We can help design, implement and manage tax-advantaged group benefits plans for you and your employees.

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Health Insurance

We offer a variety of insurance services designed to assist our clients in making cost effective decisions.

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OPS Outsourcing

Old-school thinking would have everybody responsible for a company function sitting in a chair at a desk.

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I've been using Ted for years and he's great. Very responsive, helps simplify complicated issues, and always gets our taxes done on time. My wife has a condo in another state from before when we were married so the taxes get a bit confusing, and Ted is well worth the avoiding the mental stress. I have recommended him to friends in the past and happy to do so to anyone else.

Erik U.Chicago, IL

Ted is awesome. Any questions we had, and we had many, he would answer super fast. He checks in on us throughout the year to make sure all is okay. He has offered great advice for all sorts of questions. I have recommended him to friends! I would definitely use Ted to do your taxes. Very reasonable as well.

Linda C. Lake Forest, IL

This was my first year working with Ted - so glad my co-worker suggested him to me!
I had a few tax-related questions that Google couldn't answer; Ted was happy to provide guidance about my options, potential outcomes, and easy-to-understand next steps. I'm juggling a full-time job and part-time school, so I appreciated that he and I had all of our correspondence via email.
He provided timely and robust answers to all of my questions, and I have full faith that he has his clients' best interest in mind.

Maggie H. Chicago, IL

Ted is the best! He's fast, thorough and just a nice guy to deal with. He is savvy with the latest technology so document handling is seamless. He sends me email reminders and tips about the latest tax news. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Kathryn S. Chicago, IL