It’s obvious that storing your financials in the cloud is more efficient.
But it’s also more secure.

Cloud vault door

The cloud is a vault.

Financial records used to be kept in ledger books. Then on floppy discs, servers in your office, or servers in a data center. Each step got a little more secure. Time to take the next step: keep your records where they won’t be damaged or lost: in the cloud.

It comforts some people to have a server on the premises, but that’s last-century thinking. A server is expensive, needs care and feeding from an IT guy you can’t afford, and vulnerable to viruses, breakdowns and spilled coffee.

The cloud, by contrast, secures your data, which is encrypted, co-located in multiple data centers, perpetually backed up, protected from potential data loss from fire, flood, riot or revolution. Or, for that matter, disgruntled employees.

You and your Ops Accounting professionals will have instant access via the web from wherever you are, with no delays waiting for the mail to arrive. (Hmmm. The Postal Service. Another potential data loss threat.)

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